A different kind of working space.


For Freelancers, Part-timers & Creatives Alike

Our working space is built around the idea that, as an independent worker, you shouldn't be forced to go to the library or a coffee shop when you need to get work done. Conversely, you shouldn't have to pay a high monthly fee to rent a desk either. You should be able to have a work space that fits your needs and is comfortable to be at, so you can be yourself and focus, while not breaking the bank every month. This is why we exist; to give you a place to get shit done.

Our philosophy is modest: we don't throw weekly networking events with a million selfies, funny hats, and appetizers on silver trays. We don't plan these things because social interaction is spontaneous. When you sit at From Studio, you can be as social or as introverted as you like. Either way, you'll find friendly faces and honest people, just like the streets of Malmö. We mingle in real time. 

Situated in the vibrant and energetic Möllan neighborhood of Malmö, From Studio is a place to get work done, experiment, and meet independent creatives and freelancers from across Sweden. Or simply a place to lace your shoes up and get some work done. It's your choice. Come visit us and see if our space is right for you.



Where To Find Us


Claesgatan 8, 214 26 Malmö  (inside Mitt Möllan)


Work hard.



High Speed Internet

Super fast internet? Yeah, we got that. You can upload and download with ease and reliability on our private network.  

Quality CoffeE

If you're a coffee drinker, you'll be happy to know we always have eko and responsibly farmed coffee ready for brewing.

Open 24/7

Creativity knows no structure or timetable. For those times, you'll be happy to know you have 24/7 access to the studio.


Lounge Area

Sometimes you need to just relax and get away from it all. For those times, we have a giant TV and lounge area.

Work tables

For those times when you need to spread everything out, we've got two large work tables to get shit done.

Seminar space

Need to host an event or workshop? We've got a versatile space with a PA system, so you can host with ease.


Print, Copy, Scan

We promote a paperless world, but sometimes you just need to print. For those occasions, we have a wireless printer/scanner/copier.

Conference RooM

Large table that fits up to eight people. Black board & projector available for when you really need to show off.

Central Malmö

Located in the heart of Möllan, inside the Mitt Möllan shopping center, we're close to everything important in Malmö.


Play hard.


Hear from current members


From Studio is a great space for us who work independently but still want to have an office with all the conveniences and creative people around you. I used to work from home. The thing was that I always saw the piles of work needed to be taken care of, so I was constantly halfly working. By having my own space at From Studio I get more things done, I can relax at home, and it turns out I get the opportunity to collaborate with skillful people.
Moving out of my bedroom office and into From Studio, located in one of my favorite areas of Malmö, where I can work with (or around) people with other creative professions, was one of the best decisions in my career so far.
— Olle Enqvist



With all the talents that occupy our studio, it can make for interesting days. Follow us on Instagram to see what we're up to and meet the latest additions to the studio.


Get shit done.


Monthly Rental Options


Work Space

Ideal for full-timers

A semi-secluded desk area where you can utilize the walls and space around you to make your own. If privacy and space are top priority, then look no further.



Studio Space

ideal for freelancers

The main work area. You get a desk and shelf space to share. Your desk and wall space around you are free to be decorated as you like. Located between the work & desk spaces.



Desk Space

ideal for part-timers

A desk is yours to make your own. Situated in the first room, the space is filled with 6 desks which can be combined for teams looking to rent together.



Join us.


Now that you know the details

Ready To Move In?

If you're interested in renting a space, please fill out the form below and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. For general questions, please use the email link in the next column.

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From Studio
Claesgatan 8
212 18 Malmö, Sverige

Located inside Mitt Möllan

+46 (0) 72 888 3456